Now in the Mac App Store...

My first commercial Apple OS X application, Playlist Export, is now live in the Mac App Store.  You can see the listing here (web summary).  Buy it now!

The application, Playlist Export, is a rewrite of my long time Open Source project iTunes Export as a native Cocoa application.  Since switching to an iPhone and MacBook Pro about 18 months ago, I've become increasingly interested in iOS/OSX development.  I was also interested in getting some first hand experience with the Apple App Store.

For those new to iTunes Export/Playlist Export, it is an application that allows you to export playlists from iTunes in a variety of formats with full control over how the playlist is created (file encodings, etc) and how the music files are copied (supports different directory structures, modifying paths, etc).

iTunes Export itself has lived across several implementations.  The initial implementation was a native Windows implementation (written in C#/.Net).  I received regular requests for a solution on OSX, so I eventually rewrote it as an Adobe Air (Flex) application for cross platform support.  With the release of a native OS X application, it probably makes sense to revert iTunes back to a native Windows application.  However, it isn't really very high on my todo list.

The initial sales of Playlist Export have been positive (I had VERY LOW expectation).  I released at at the lowest price point ($0.99 USD), so each sale doesn't bring me much revenue, but I wanted to give an opportunity for my beta testers and other followers to grab it cheap.  I plan on raising the price over time until I find the right tradeoff between price and units sold.  I'm curious to see where the price will end up.

I appreciate the donations many of you have made over time to iTunes Export.  If you have donated in the past and would like a free copy of Playlist Export, drop me an email at