I Hate Running

Due to a series of scheduling conflicts and rain, I have not played soccer in a month. I'm very unhappy about this.

Soccer is my primary workout, so I haven't had much physical exercise for the last month. The combination of this, and some heckling from my wife (she bet me I couldn't), prompted me to try to run 5 miles today.

Well, I did it. 52 minutes, so just a bit over 10 minute miles. Not too bad I guess. But I'm sore. My heel hurts (I have a bone spur), my knee hurts, and my hips hurt. I won't be running again for a while.

I hate running.

Vista, Mapped Drive, and Offline Files

I use a NAS to store all my media files (as well as backups, etc.). I share these files among multiple computers so I the share mapped as the M: drive on all the computers. This allows me to store the iTunes Library on the share, and have it work from any computer.

On my M: drive I have Music, Pictures, and Video folders. I have the Music folder set as available offline so I always have access to my music library. None of the other folders are available offline. This works fairly well, except recently when I return home Vista won't reconnect the M: drive. I can navigate to any other shares on the NAS, so I'm connected and authenticated, but something is prohibiting Vista from reconnecting the M: drive. It just shows the Music folder but the other folders are 'unavailable'.

I don't have any idea how to 'force' it to connect or track down what could be causing the issue. If anyone has seen anything like this, I'd love to hear some ideas.

New Microsoft Ad (Seinfeld)

There were a lot of naysayers when Microsoft announced their new ad campaign with Jerry Seinfeld. Now that the first ad is out, I have to say they were right. What is this about?

This is their rebuttal to the Apple ads? The Apple ads were more style than substance maybe, but they all had a specific point to make that differentiated their products from Microsoft.

And to top it off, the Flash Player (what, no Silverlight?) they used didn't allow you to pause/restart the ad. Annoying. The ads have been posted on YouTube several times and taken down just as quickly. I did a quick search on YouTube and found several (real) Apple ads. You are paying big bucks to get your message out, why are you having it taken down from a major video distributor?

Microsoft is the big kid in the room that just can't figure out why the other kids don't think he's cool.

All that aside, I'm typing this post on Vista which as I said before, is a fine OS. Apple did a masterful job of changing the market's perception of Vista, which Microsoft did nothing to combat. And this ad doesn't change it one bit.