iPhone Hype

As we count down to the iPhone launch, the hype is reaching a feverish pitch. There are even people discussing the people who are already in line.

As I posted earlier, I'm a long time Treo user and seriously considering the 755p. I've held off to date so far because my Treo 650 still manages to do everything I need it to, and I'm hesitant to jump on the last Treo model before the new Linux based OS debuts this fall/winter.

So now the initial reviews are out, and Walt seems to think the iPhone is pretty cool. His assessment of the typing is impressive, especially as he is also a long time Treo user. The lack of keyboard is one of the major drawbacks in my mind (in addition to the lack of the '5 way' button on the Treo which I do most of my navigation with. He does point out that several tasks are more difficult (more steps) due to the lack of 'real' keys.

He also points out the concerns around it being locked to AT&T, on a slow(er) data network. Apparently it does not have a traditional SIM card, so you can't do the SIM card swap GSM users are so used to. Being a long time Sprint user I can't complain about this too much but if I were used to the option I would be annoyed.

I do have to give AT&T credit for brining out plans (including data) that seem pretty reasonable. The base plan ($59/month) includes unlimited data and 450 rollover minutes, which I find reasonable. It certainly could have been worse.

Overall, I still don't think the iPhone is for me, but I do think it will find a reasonable market of users who will be fans. It still appears to me to be an iPod/gadget first, and a business phone second, but since that was likely their goal I can hardly fault it for that. It just isn't for me.

However, version 2.0, that includes 3rd party apps, GPS, and a faster network (on another carrier) and I could be converted.

Hopefully Palm will come out with something impressive this fall to keep me on board.

Sopranos Finale

As Bart Simpson said... 'meh'.

While I didn't like it at first, I have to admit that I'm not sure it wasn't the best choice available. Short of actually killing Tony, there is no real resolution to the show. This ending will be talked about, probably more so than any other choice.

The high point of the episode was Tony's musical selection of course, Journey. I always find that the music in a show or movie can have a huge impact on my lasting interest. Some of my favorite (and most watchable movies) are as much for the music and immersion as for the actual content. This also holds true for the greatest series finale ever.... Six Feet Under

The gold standard for series finales is still Six Feet Under. There is no other more appropriate satisfying, and 'true to the series' finale. The last 5 minutes of that finale were phenomenal.

Next up, The Shield series finale.

Edit (6/13): Here is the last 6 minutes of the Six Feet Under finale.