Sopranos Finale

As Bart Simpson said... 'meh'.

While I didn't like it at first, I have to admit that I'm not sure it wasn't the best choice available. Short of actually killing Tony, there is no real resolution to the show. This ending will be talked about, probably more so than any other choice.

The high point of the episode was Tony's musical selection of course, Journey. I always find that the music in a show or movie can have a huge impact on my lasting interest. Some of my favorite (and most watchable movies) are as much for the music and immersion as for the actual content. This also holds true for the greatest series finale ever.... Six Feet Under

The gold standard for series finales is still Six Feet Under. There is no other more appropriate satisfying, and 'true to the series' finale. The last 5 minutes of that finale were phenomenal.

Next up, The Shield series finale.

Edit (6/13): Here is the last 6 minutes of the Six Feet Under finale.


  1. Sopranos ending last night made me say "WHAT...THE...FUCK..."

  2. You are not the only one. Check out the freakonomics blog post.

  3. The Six Feet Under ending was indeed moving and memorable. Pretty much the exact opposite of the Sopranos ending, which seemed like a bit of clever snark.

    But I agree the show had more or less painted itself into a corner dramatically, so the only choice was to just turn off the light and pack it in.

    It didn't help that final episodes were rudderless and meandering.