I Hate Running

Due to a series of scheduling conflicts and rain, I have not played soccer in a month. I'm very unhappy about this.

Soccer is my primary workout, so I haven't had much physical exercise for the last month. The combination of this, and some heckling from my wife (she bet me I couldn't), prompted me to try to run 5 miles today.

Well, I did it. 52 minutes, so just a bit over 10 minute miles. Not too bad I guess. But I'm sore. My heel hurts (I have a bone spur), my knee hurts, and my hips hurt. I won't be running again for a while.

I hate running.

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  1. I hate running as well and love playing soccer. I've come to believe lately that this is due to human evolution through the research and writings of Arthur DeVanny:


    He suggests that 'burst' activities (that follow natural power laws in nature) such as soccer or basketball produce the best levels of fitness due to their non-repetitive nature and most importantly non-boring-ness!