iTunes Export 1.1.0 Released

I released a new version of my iTunes Export utility.

iTunes Export exports your iTunes playslists as .m3u files, allowing you to setup playlists in iTunes and use them with other software or devices.

This release adds the ability to copy the music files in a playlist to an output directory. This was requested by several people, including Jason Clarke.

This release also excludes files that are just web links from exported playlists.

An interesting note on this release: I found Jason's post in my referrer logs and added a comment asking for additional information on what they were looking for. I received a couple email responses and was able to understand what their needs were.

This project started because I had specific need (an 'itch'). As it continues to develop over time I begin to understand what other people are looking for and address their needs. I have a couple of other feature requests I still need to work on as well, so look for more new release. Don't be afraid to ask for features (


  1. Eric,

    Thanks for adding the music export option to iTunes Export as its a fantastic feature that is hard to find (many programs can do this but not also export the m3u file itself and change the entries from absolute path to a local directory path).

    I do have a question about this before I try a rather large export.

    I plan on exporting several large playlists from iTunes with overlapping songs to my portable GPS (which can be used as a music player in the car). When I do the export will it create a seperate copy of each track that shows up in more than one playlist?



  2. The MP3 files for each playlist are exported into a separate subdirectory. So yes, the common files would be copied multiple times (into separate directories).

    Ex, you have Song 1 in Playlist 1 and Playlist 2. The output would be:

    <base-directory>\Playlist 1\Song 1.mp3
    <base-directory>\Playlsit 2\Song 2.mp3

    Each Directory would have an M3U file (playlist) as well.

    Does that make sense? Is that the behavior you are looking for, or would something else be better? It is hard to find the balance between each user's perfect tool, and a tool that 'works' for everyone.


  3. Eric,

    I definitely understand it being hard to find tha blend that works for most people when many people are looking for something that suits their own specific scenario.

    It would definitely be beneficial for me (and probably anyone else with a simple flash drive based player) if in fact the export was done to a single common directory with the individual songs/albums in their own subdirectories and then referenced that way in the m3u file.

    So if I exported to

    Then the output structure might be



    And then the m3u file would sit in the *basedir* and would reference the structure above. That would eliminate duplicates, although I'm not sure how hard it would be to implement or offer a switching option for this (I do a little bit of programming but nothing serious).

  4. Thanks for the follow up. I'll throw this note into my 'todo' list for iTunes Export and see if I can get something working fairly easily.