Java Email Server 1.5 Released

After a three year hiatus, a new version of Java Email Server (JES) is available.

The new version, 1.5, adds the ability to use a SMTP server that required authentication as the default gateway. As ISPs continue to crack down on spam (a good thing), they are instituting policies that can make it more difficult to run your own email server. One of these policies is to require all outbound email to go through their SMTP server, and requiring you to authenticate with that server. With this new addition JES can now work correctly in these environments.

No other changes were made to this version. JES is stable software in maintenance mode. New features or changes are minimized to insure stability.

This feature was added by Matthew Lohbihler of Serotonin Software ( Thanks Matthew, and thanks to everyone in the community who has contributed over time to help fix and improve this software.

You can download the new update from the JES homepage: