Electronic Book (eBook) Readers

I'm a reader. Not just the internet, but actual real life books. Being someone that is interested in technology I've been anxiously awaiting the mass adoption of electronic books. To that end, I spent some quality time with Sony's eReader. I found that I actually liked it better than reading a paper book. While there was certainly room for improvements with the Sony product (button placement, page refresh rates), I really enjoyed reading with it. It was actually more comfortable than holding a book. The biggest obstacle I had to buying one was that I use the local Library for much of my reading, and they didn't have any mechanism to 'loan' an eBook. Therefore I would have ended up spending a lot of additional money to read books.

The latest addition to this space, Amazon's Kindle, has been widely panned in many of the blogs I read. Now, I haven't done enough research to have a well founded opinion on the product itself, but I'm excited to see additional progress in this space by someone who can be a game changer. Amazon has the power and volume to make a real difference. And while for all I know, the initial stock could have been 10, Amazon apparently sold out within 5 1/2 hours.

I hope the Kindle is a success. The cost and impact of printing, shipping, and disposing of all these books is unnecessary in the current day and age. And why shouldn't you be able to take an entire library with you on a trip, instead of one 600 page book that is larger and heavier than your laptop.

The Kindle may not be the next 'iPod', but it is a step in the right direction, and innovation in a space that has been lacking it for a long time.

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  1. I'm actually not a reader of books, at least not for pleasure. Yet I own a Sony eReader for all the wrong reasons.

    My biggest problem was the delivery system Sony has to get books on the device. First and foremost it is not Mac-friendly which is a huge hurdle - I'm not going to start up VMWare or Parallels to load a new title on the eReader. Amazon's Kindle is attractive in that the content is accessible directly from the device.

    I also didn't find compelling titles on Sony's site the last time I browsed. I might not be the target audience for this but there has to be a wider selection I think for this concept to take off.