RubyConf Mac Monoculture

Tim Bray wrote a summary of the recent RubyConf. He did have one comment that caught my attention:

Everybody had a laptop, and it’s almost but not quite a Mac monoculture.
A Mac monoculture, among developers? It isn't news that the Mac makes a great development platform for any code that is deployed on *nix. The popularity of the Mac UI on top of the *nix platform makes it idea. It has long been gaining in rodes in the Java community, but I'm still a bit surprised to see a Mac monoculture at a non-Apple conference.

This is why there was such an uproar about Java and Apple recently. Like Ruby, Java developers find the Mac platform ideal for developing their server applications. Unfortunately, Apple isn't giving them the love back.

Still, Apple seems to do well anyway. So while I think Microsoft 'gets' how to build developer support a lot more than Apple, I don't see Apple hurting because of it. I still believe in the long run some additional attention to the developer class could really benefit Apple.