Java Email Server - Status and Future

I've covered the History of JES, as well as the JES 2.0 branch. This post will cover the current status and future of JES.

In short JES is in maintenance mode. I have no plans to make any significant changes to the JES code base. As I outlined in my first post in this series, I believe JES fits a niche as a very simple and easy to use email server, and the best way to keep it simple is avoid adding features.

For the past several years, nearly all of the improvements to JES have been made by the community. I listed the names in the history post, and these folks really are the drivers to JES today. As new updates come in, I'll check them out and roll them up into a release as appropriate.

As the Sourceforge Download Statistics indicate, JES as popular now as ever, averaging about 1,000 downloads per month. As long as people find JES useful, I'll continue to provide support (primarily through email) and release updates.

I want to thank everyone who has contributed ideas, reported or helped track down bugs, or submitted code. Without your help, JES would not be what it is today.