McCain Responds

After my post about Obama's VP selection, it's only fair I analyze/mock McCain's as well.

McCain picked Sara Palin, the Governor of Alaska, and 'hockey mom'. It is certainly an interesting pick. She has no national experience, and is Governor of a pretty unique state. Granted, national experience isn't a big deal (Governor seems to be a better path to President than Senator, except for this year at least), but Alaska isn't a typical state either.

So how about "Old white man picks attractive young female to campaign against young attractive black man."

It is certainly a risky pick, and helps McCain resurrect his 'maverick' status. What is really interesting is the 'experience' question. I find odd that the Democratic talking points (or at least as I hear them on CNN tonight) are focused on her (lack of) experience. Is attacking her experience as a Governor and Washington outsider really the best approach when your candidate is running on 'change' and is relatively inexperienced as well? How different are Obama and Palin?

It'll be an interesting few months. I've been of the opinion that this election was Obama's to lose for a while now, but I'm surprised at how McCain is holding strong/gaining in the polls. This one could be close (or a blowout, who knows).

And I'm watching for the first mention of in the mainstream press.