BlackRapid Strap

I've been using the BlackRapid RS-1 camera strap for about a month. The idea is a camera strap allows you to carry the camera at your side at waist level. It runs up and down the strap so you can quickly grab it and use it. There is a video on the site that shows it off much better than I can describe it.

I'm a fan, but Scott Bourne from TWIP disagrees. He's had some bad experiences with it but I've never had any of these issues. Your mileage may vary.

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  1. I can't figure out how a D700 with a heavy lens would slip off the original clip.

    I have to be honest, it's made me nervous for that reason with the D3, but the clip is tight and a pain to get off when I really want to.

    I emailed them to see if they have their new clip in stock which should lock in place and eliminate the problem.

    p.s. I never had the twist problem yet.