Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is awesome. Amazon Prime is simply this: you pay $79 for a year and they will ship all of your purchases 2nd Day for FREE. And if you can have your order overnight for $3.99 per item.

If you make enough purchases it pays off, and with the service they've provided recently it is certainly worthwhile.

I ordered my Kindle on Sunday evening. When I got home Tuesday it was waiting at my doorstep. I didn't overnight it, this was the 'normal' 2 day shipping.

I ordered Joe McNally's latest flash book Hot Shoe Diaries on Wednesday, and toyed with overnight delivery so it would be here before I went on vacation. But the estimated shipping date wasn't until next week so I just went with the normal 2 day shipping. I got the email that it shipped today and was slightly disappointed that I didn't overnight it. To my SHOCK, it arrived Friday evening by MESSENGER SERVICE. Amazon sent the book to my by messanger for free.

I'm not sure how they're making money on this, but I don't see a better way to buy.