Sports, TiVo, and Niche Markets

I enjoy watching sports. Pro Football, College Basketball, and all types of Soccer. I also enjoy my DVR (not technically a TiVo anymore). Unlike many people, I enjoy watching sports on my DVR. I'm not hung up on 'live', and I really dislike commercials. I don't particularly care for halftime either.

When I watch Pro Football, I have to watch the game on the same day. I don't really ever watch it live, but usually I watch it within a few hours of 'live'. It is pretty difficult to avoid finding out the end result of the game for more than a few hours, and especially on Monday mornings in an office environment. College Basketball is better, but still tough to delay more than few hours.

Soccer on the other hand, is a niche market. Last weekend I recorded 4 games. The Chicago Fire, Chicago Red Stars, and the Men's and Women's national teams. I watched the fire game and the men's national team game over the weekend. The Red Stars and Women's game I watched during the week. I never heard the scores on the radio, no one twittered about it, and there was no water cooler talk. I am free to delay the games as long as I want. In fact, I've only heard scores from a Red Stars game once on the radio, on a really slow sports day. Even the WNBA gets more time than women's soccer. Does anyone really care about the WNBA?

I don't watch ANY television live. What's the point? I let my life be my life, and television provides entertainment when I'm ready. I'm glad the sport I enjoy most supports it.