iTunes Export 2.2.0 Released

The 2.2.0 release features updates and bug fixes to the console and GUI versions

In both versions:
  • Added option to exclude 'Built In' playlists, including Music, Library, Genius, Movies, etc.
For the GUI version:
  • Added auto-update functionality. Checks for a new version every 7 days. Can be disabled in the 'About' window.
  • Resolved issue where Finish button causes error on 'Select Playlist' screen. Finish button is now disabled on this screen.
  • Added option to 'About' screen to change between languages. English and French currently supported.
  • Improved French translation. Thanks to MrDNA ( for doing the translation.
For the Console version:
  • Fixed issue with XML validation. This version no longer attempts to validate the XML file (required downloading DTD from apple).
  • Fixed issue where spaces were being converted to underscores in playlist names.
The new version can be downloaded from the project homepage:

I have received several feature requests that I am still working on, and will try to get a new release out soon. However, there is enough here to justify a release now.

If you find any issues or have questions please email me ( Please include which application and version (GUI or Console, 2.2.0 etc.) of iTunes Export and the operating system you are using.