Ignorance Spam

I've been getting a lot of spam recenctly.  But this isn't normal spam, it is actually 'legitimate' bulk, although *I* didn't sign up for it.  What is going on?

Someone out there, apparently with the name Emily Daugherty, thinks that my gmail address is actually her gmail address.  She's been signing up for all sorts of websites using her (really my) email address  in the past few months.  That results all sorts of useless email for me that is not caught by normal spam filters.

Today she finally tried to reset my gmail password!  I'm not sure if she really doesn't know her email address, or is simply really, really, really bad at typing it in.  Either way, it needs to stop.

I need to somehow convince her to stop using my email address.  Unfortunately, I don't know her real address, since apparently she mostly doesn't either.

Any ideas?