Java Email Server 2.0 Beta 3 Released

Java Email Server (JES) is an open source email server (SMTP/POP3) written in Java.

This release is the third Beta version of the new 2.0 development branch. This is an incremental update to Beta 2 and contains the following updates:
  • (New Feature) A recipient policy is now offered for all incoming messages originating from local domains. See the rcptPolicy.conf file for details.
  • Further relaxed the default security settings so that cleartext passwords are accepted.
  • Unlimited jurisdiction cryptography is not required by default anymore.
  • The digest-MD5 SASL mechanism is off by default now.
While the belief is that JES 2.0 Beta 3 is stable, we will continue with Beta releases in the 2.0 branch until we feel confident that the 2.0 code is stable and production safe. Please provide feedback on this release in the JES Google Group, even if it is just letting us know you are using JES without any issues.

You can download this release from the project home page.