HD-DVD and Blue Ray both Cracked

My previous post points out the frustration I have with lengths companies go to to 'protect' their content. They add DRM to disks and encryption to interconnects. In order to truly secure the content, you have to protect it at every level.

The problem is, it isn't possible.

The news that HD-DVD has been broken came out just before Christmas. Not, it appears that Blue Ray has been broken as well.

So the industry has now spent a ton of money to create a new standard (HDCP) to protect content, only to have the content cracked in a different place in the chain (right off the disc).

So now I can't distribute high quality content within my own home, but Johnny down the street can sell bootlegged copies of HD-DVD and Blue Ray discs.

Maybe if they had invested hiring better writers than foisting a horrible DRM scheme (HDCP) on us, they'd make more money.