Feed Bankrupcy

There have been a reasonable number of people around 'the net' claiming email bankruptcy. They simply get too much email and have fallen so far behind that they just delete it all and start over.

Well, luckily for me I'm not nearly popular enough to have that issue. However, I've created a similar issue for myself.

I checked my Google Reader earlier this week and it listed over 900 unread posts. While I was tempted to simply declare feed bankruptcy, I instead spent much of an evening powering through most of them. In the end, I'm pretty sure I'd have been better off just skipping them. Reading that many posts at once was very draining and I'm pretty sure my comprehension level was low by the end, but I didn't want to miss anything!

What I do need to to is continue to trim down my feeds. However, it's hard to prune them as each feed I added had some value (at least when I added it).

So for now I'm mostly caught up, but I know I need to do some pruning to avoid regular repeats.

This also explains why I haven't posted here for a couple weeks.