Treo 755 Initial Config and Must Haves

As I outlined in my previous post, I'm using a new 755p. To get my 755p in prime form, there are a bunch of tweaks and programs to install right out of the box.

First, there is some software that comes with the device but isn't shipped on the CD. It can be downloaded here. Some of the applications do require you to enter your serial number. The software I downloaded was:
  • Versamail - needed for Outlook ActiveSync
  • Voice Dialing - I have found this only marginally useful, especially with the Treo's ease of use and it's so-so accuracy
  • Bejeweled - addictive Game
  • Solitaire - obvious
  • Palm Files - So you can browse files on the SD card
After that, I grabbed:
  • IBM Java VM
  • Gmail Java Application - Google didn't see to want me to d/l it using the mobile apps page, so the link there is direct to the jar file. I also linked to 1.1.0 instead of 1.1.1 or 1.5.0 since 1.1.0 seemed to work the best.
  • Google Maps
There are several configuration changes that I make right out of the box as well.

Phone Display Preferences (General Preferences on older Treos):
  • Change 'Show DialPad' to 'Show Wallpaper' and select a background image.
  • Change 'Typing dials phone number' to 'Typing starts contact search'
  • I set the Favorites Buttons Rows to 1.
  • I turn off the 'Blink green LED when in coverage' on the 650, but the 755 doesn't seem to have that setting.
The 'Typing ...' setting is the key feature for the Treo in my eyes, and is what really makes it a great phone. I can't believe this setting is set to 'dial number' by default, as it really hides the usability. For the uninitiated, to call someone I turn the phone on, and then start typing their name on the keyboard. You can also mix first and last names, so to dial myself (hey, why not) I would turn the phone on and type 'ed'. If that doesn't narrow it down enough, you can keep typing, such as 'edau'. For me, 2-3 letters finds just about everyone.