After being one of the earliest customers back in 1999, I fell off the bandwagon for quite a while. About six months ago I finally got back on board and have really enjoyed it ever sense. I've watched movies, entire TV show seasons, and just finally got around to updating my XB0x 360 to enable Netflix's newest feature, streaming movies.

For select movies and TV shows, you can stream them to your computer or TV through various devices, including the XBox 360. The installation was easy (you get a code from the XBox you type into Netflix's website, which is much more convent than attempting to 'log in' via the XBox.) Taking a quick look at the Jericho pilot, the quality seems acceptable. It is 'good enough' that it isn't distracting or noticeable. It is certainly better than I expected.

I had dismissed the streaming feature as undesirable based on my (incorrect) assumptions about the quality, but I'll certainly give it a shot now.

If only I could get my XBox to be a bit quieter than an airplane taking off.