The Shield is Over

This week brought the Series Finale for The Shield. I've been a big fan of The Shield throughout its entire run and while I'm sorry to see it go I also appreciate that the show came to an end. The show had run its course.

There were 7 total seasons, and my favorites were 4 and 5. Season 4 brought Glenn Close to the barn and season 5 introduced Forest Whitaker. In these seasons the show had established its rhythm but there were still new stories to tell.

I was disappointed with much of this final season. It seemed excessively slow and and really dragged out as the end approached. I feel they really could have added a few episodes to season 6 and ended at a totally different pace. I won't spoil the ending but while I was disappointed with Season 7 in general I was content with how the series finally ended.

It wasn't a The Soprano's or Six Feed Under, but it few endings are.

All in all, this is a series well worth watching on DVD.