The Shield is Over

This week brought the Series Finale for The Shield. I've been a big fan of The Shield throughout its entire run and while I'm sorry to see it go I also appreciate that the show came to an end. The show had run its course.

There were 7 total seasons, and my favorites were 4 and 5. Season 4 brought Glenn Close to the barn and season 5 introduced Forest Whitaker. In these seasons the show had established its rhythm but there were still new stories to tell.

I was disappointed with much of this final season. It seemed excessively slow and and really dragged out as the end approached. I feel they really could have added a few episodes to season 6 and ended at a totally different pace. I won't spoil the ending but while I was disappointed with Season 7 in general I was content with how the series finally ended.

It wasn't a The Soprano's or Six Feed Under, but it few endings are.

All in all, this is a series well worth watching on DVD.


  1. Couldn't agree more. I also liked the addition of Anthony Anderson as Antwon Mitchell in addition to Close and Whitaker. This season did dragged a bit, but the finale was pretty through and I liked it.

    Also, you brought up DVDs. I can't recommend 'The Wire' enough. It's like 'The Shield', but on steroids. It also lends itself well to serial episode watching.

  2. Although I accept that everyone is entitled to their opinion I think that both of your comments suggest you needed some "name" actors (Close, Whitaker et al)to keep you interested.

    From what I can see, pretty much across all forums, for anyone that has watched the Shield from the beginning and followed it through to it's grisly and hard to digest conclusion, it has been one of the very best dramas ever.

    It was a show that was completely unreliant on the usual need for high octane thrills...the next car chase, gun fight etc. In fact Griffin, The Shield was must have been Ketamine to The Wire's steroids.

    Having been immersed in the world of the Strike Team all this time I found the final season enthralling. The leads, in particular Chiklis and Goggins, were throughout this closing run, very much at the top of their game and by the end made me, for one, feel as though I'd been emotionally pistol whipped.

    The makers didn't take the easy route either, this could have played out in several much more pat ways. But they stayed true to the emotional core of the story and it's characters. I don't think the same can be said for some of the other shows that have wrapped in recent times.

    I for one cannot wait to see what Shawn Ryan does next.

  3. Paul,

    The fact that they were big names is coincidental. Their performances were great plus they fit in with the theme of the show. Other shows bring in a big name and immediately the show changes. The shield never did.

    I think Eric and I agreed that it's one of the best dramas ever. I just echoed his statement that the last season dragged on a bit. It was a lot of Vic yelling and running around. Just got a little old after a few eps.

    As for The Wire, it and shield are different genres. The Wire is more of a drama / narrative than shield was. It's much of a grand story than the shield was. Neither is better or worse. They're both great. I recommend the wire if you're looking to continue watching a gritty drama.

  4. I was actually very concerned when I heard Glenn Close was joining the cast. I didn't see how she would 'fit in' and didn't want the existing cast disrupted. I wasn't exactly a huge Glenn Close fan at this point.

    Once I saw the result I was sold. I thought it expanded the story in a way true to the show.