iTunes Export 2.0 - Now Supports OS X!

This release of iTunes Export marks a milestone and major transition of the development focus. The prior releases, 1.0-1.6 were all build using the Microsoft .Net Framework, which limited deployment to Windows. With this release, iTunes Export now fully support Windows and Mac OS X.

The Graphical User Interface version has been ported to Adobe Flex and is deployed as an AIR desktop application. The Command Line version is an update of the Scala version I developed earlier this year.

iTunes Export exports your iTunes playlists as M3U, WPL, ZPL, and MPL files, allowing you to setup playlists in iTunes and use them with other software or devices.

The primary focus of this release was to enable Mac OS X support. However, in addition to this, the copy files (songs) logic has been revamped. There are now three options:
- FLAT - Copies all the songs into the output directory
- ITUNES - Retains the iTunes structure (Artist/Album)
- PLAYLIST - The 'original' copy logic that copies the songs into a directory per playlist.

The new version can be downloaded from the project homepage:

As this is a major new release, please keep an eye out for any bugs or issues that may appear. If you find any issues or have questions please email me ( Please include which application and version (GUI or Console, 2.0 etc.) of iTunes Export and which Operating System version.


  1. Fantastic! I just tested and it seems to work wonderfully on my 10.6.1 iMac.

    However, it seems that it might have possibly triggered a nasty bug I've seen with OS X which Apple has documented in which a volume ends up getting represented back to the OS as a new volume with a "-1" attached. I don't think that your app is doing anything wrong, but it's evident that Apple is.

    //Jason@gizmo/Music 2888310280 0 5057671696 0% /Volumes/Music-1
    Jason-Pages-iMac:~ Jason$

  2. Okay, actually I've now confirmed that Adobe Air (or somehow your app but I doubt it) is triggering this Apple problem;

    After a fresh reboot my volumes all look good;
    //Jason@gizmo:139/Music 2888310280 0 5057646504 0% /Volumes/Music

    Then as soon as I select my /Music/Playlists network share folder as the output destination it shows up in the dialogue box as "Music-1" in the path.

    A check of the filesystem shows this;

    //Jason@gizmo:139/Music 2888310280 0 5057646504 0% /Volumes/Music
    //Jason@gizmo/Music 2888310280 0 5057646504 0% /Volumes/Music-1

    I now have a ghost volume "Music-1", which by the way will wreak havoc with the iTunes database if you at this point start adding new music, etc, since it will show up in the iTunes db as being in the "Music-1" path.

    Anyways, this is probably an Adobe Air and Apple problem but I thought you should be aware of it.

  3. Jason,

    Can you drop me an email ( I have not been able to reproduce this issue.

  4. Jason's issue was unrelated to iTunesExport. You can read the fix here.

  5. yes, my problem appears to be resolved and absolutely did NOT involve Eric's excellent application, which is working wonderfully on my Mac by the way!

    Thanks Eric!

  6. Thanks for making this awesome little tool.