iTunes Export 2.1 Released

This release of iTunes Export provides some additional features requested after the 2.0 release. These features include:

The ability to override the file path separator used. This is useful when you will be using the playlist on a different operating system.

iTunes 9 File Structure. iTunes changed the file structure starting with version 9, with a separate 'Music' folder under the iTunes Media folder. This version now includes the Music folder as part of the musicFolder, excluding it from the path when using file copy with the iTunes Structure.

The GUI version now remembers your last settings and will use those as the new defaults. There are buttons to restore the initial defaults if you wish to revert to the normal defaults.

The new version can be downloaded from the project homepage:

If you find any issues or have questions please email me ( Please include which application and version (GUI or Console, 2.1 etc.) of iTunes Export and the operating system you are using.