Photo Managment

One of the issues I struggle with is how to manage all of our digital photographs. I really like to have all of my stuff organized and I currently use Photoshop Elements to manage our digital pictures.

The problem I have is that this is installed on our desktop computer (with the BIG hard drive). All of our pictures and digital video are stored, organized, and edited here. However, my wife also likes to have a copy of the pictures, and often downloads them to her computer, and adds her own organization. However, her laptop hard drive won't scale, and I don't really want to have two separate organizational methods.

Ideally, I'd just have her use the desktop computer to download and organize, but I've tried that approach and failed.

I'm not a huge fan up uploading all of these pictures into 'the cloud', aka Flickr, etc. I guess this would work, but I'm concerned about having our own local copies, in original format, etc.

What I really want is to be able to have her run Photoshop Elements on her computer against a shared drive and manipulate the same library. I'm not sure how happy Elements would be if I tried to do this.

Does anyone have any better ideas? What works for you?