Reverting to the Airport Express

I recently bought a D-Link DSM-320 media player. The device plugs into your TV/Stereo and streams music, video, and pictures from another PC. Overall, it works reasonably well. My first step was to remove the default server software and install the open source TVersity server. This software allowed me much better control over what media to share and seemed to support a lot more formats.

I unplugged my Airport Express that I had been using to serve music, since the DSM-320 provide that and more.

After using it this way for a while, I plugged my Airport Express back in. Both functioned fine actually playing music. However, I found the Airport Express much more enjoyable to use to select what was playing. With the DSM-320, I had to use a normal remote and the TV as a display to select the music, etc. This worked OK, especially if I wanted to play a specific playlist. However, if I wanted to play a specific song, it was significantly faster to open up my laptop and use iTunes to navigate my music (which automatically connects to the Airport Express).

So I now have both plugged in, because I do like to have the option to stream videos to my TV. I've found that I've never really used the photo option. For music, I only use the Airport Express.

Is this a single win for Apple in my household, or the beginning of a wholesale takeover. Only time will tell...