Socket over HTTP (SOHT) Java Client 0.6.1 Released

I released a new version of the Java client for SOHT today.

The goal of SOHT is to provide a simple tool that enables all types of socket communication through an HTTP Proxy server. This tool is useful for users who are behind a restrictive firewall and wish to access external servers that use protocols other than HTTP.

This release fixes a bug that prohibited the Java Client from using ports higher than 32767.

I want to thank Danilo for finding and fixing this bug. A great example of Open Source development at work.


  1. soht client/server has good quality! I used it to quickly prototype an app needing persistent
    tcp/http tunnel.

    Two questions on stateless.
    1. can I move between stateless/stateful messaging within the same web app?
    2. Regarding your comment in soht.prop, stateful "does not work with many proxy servers". Do you mean several proxies in the same connection, or typical proxy configs? Are these disconnects due to proxy keep alive timeout?

  2. Thanks for the feedback.

    1. The Stateless/Statefull option is at the client level, so you could run different clients in different modes against the same server.

    2. Yes, the issue with proxy servers is that many will disconect the persistent connection.