iTunes Export 1.3.1 Release

I released a new version of my iTunes Export utility.

iTunes Export exports your iTunes playlists as M3U or WPL files, allowing you to setup playlists in iTunes and use them with other software or devices.

This release is just a bug fix for the 1.3.0 release. Unfortunately I didn't sufficiently test the release and due to differences in how the development and production builds are performed the GUI version crashed on startup.

This versions is just a fix for the 1.3.0 GUI version. No other new changes have been made.

I have received several new feature requests and bug reports recently and I plan on getting to them soon. Don't be afraid to ask for new features (


  1. When I run the export I keep getting the error illegal characters in path. Any idea what I need to change to fix this? Loving the tool so far

  2. Drop me an email and I can help you debug the problem.

    It may be related to an issue with characters in the playlist names that are illegal as file names.

    We're working on cleaning that issue up.

  3. Well ... I kept at it and found that some of my playlists had " and ? in them some of them. When I removed this all is running well. Thank you for this tool.

  4. Just wanted to say that your little app has gone a long way for me. Thanks for making this. Keep up the good work man.