Moving from CVS to Subversion at SourceForge

I host several open source projects at SourceForge. For the most part, the service is effective and it is a great service. They have certainly had periods where they've been overwhelmed but for a free service I've been fine with it. I'm excusing the fact that their site design hasn't really changed in 5+ years and it isn't the most usable site.

I do seem to recall that I used to be able to 'press a button' and have my CVS repostory converted to SVN. That was great and I did it for several of my projects. However it now seems that that option is gone and I need to download the entire CVS repository and run the conversion script myself.

Not fun. Anyone have any turn-key options, or am I missing anything at SourceForge?

(Edited 5/30 - Updated Title, thanks Rich)