Shared iTunes LIbrary

I've finally found a way to setup iTunes to share write access to a single library.

I maintain a single integrated iTunes library for my family. However, everyone wants to maintain and edit their own playlists. iTunes' built in sharing allows you to play from a single library, but does nothing to allow you to edit that single library remotely.

I recently moved my entire library to my NAS and, inspired by a recent lifehacker post, I setup all the iTunes applications installed in my house to use the shared music and iTunes Library (.itl) share.

My steps were pretty simple:

1. Map network share on all computers to M:\
2. Move entire MP3 library to M:\Music
3. Copy iTunes files from My Music to M:\Music
4. Hold down the shift key while iTunes loads
5. Select the .itl file I copied to M:\Music
6. I had to go toe Edit/Preferences/Advanced and change the iTunes Music File Location from M:\Music\iTunes Music to just M:\Music.

Now I can control my iTunes Library from any machine as a 'first class citizen'. LifeHacker seems to be a pretty cool site that I guess I need to add to my RSS reader.


  1. Have you tested what happens when two people have iTunes open and make changes?

    I've heard the last one to close the library "wins", and other user's changes are lost.

  2. I have not tested that and it doesn't appear to be much of an issue in our household but it is certainly a flaw in my solution for a lot of people.