Google Calendar Sync Update

As I mentioned earlier, Google came out with a sync application for Outlook 2003 and 2007. I've been using it for a couple weeks now with mixed results.

First, it is clean and simple. There isn't much to setup, and it is very unobtrusive. No errors, warnings, or interruptions. The problem was, not everything was getting sync'ed.

Apparently, it will only sync meeting invites if your email address matches the email you use in Outlook. Of course by default my email address does not match, but you can go edit your Google account settings and add additional email addresses. Once I added my work email (luckily I only have only one), and changed the email (but not password) in the Google Calendar Sync options, it sync'ed many of the appointments.

People who have different variations of their email address at work have complained that this solution doesn't work well. I have not seen a work around so far.

Now I have most everything syncing cleanly between Outlook and Google Calendar, but there are still several meetings that are not showing up. So I'm annoyed, but not quite yet annoyed to deal with reverting to gCalSync.