Google Calendar Sync

I wrote about my process to synchronize my Google Calendar with Outlook before. I did stick with gSync it and it mostly worked.

But yesterday Google came out with its own Google Calendar Sync application. So of course I gave it a spin.

Instead of the Outlook plugin approach that gSyncit took, Google Calendar runs in the task bar (I'm sure it still 'plugs in' to Outlook, so this may be a non-difference). It does run in the background instead of the pop up window that gSyncit uses.

One annoying thing is that upon install, it automatically syncs before you can change any options other than single or bi-directional. Oh wait, there ARE NO OTHER OPTIONS. It is a very simple application with no configuration.

On the first sync, it duplicated many of my appointments because it apparently couldn't tell that all the previous appointments that were synced by gSyncit were really the same appointment. That was certainly annoying. It also took quite a while, because it appears to sync the entire calendar by default, not just a limited date range like I had gSyncit setup to do.

All in all, it appears to work, and is less obtrusive than gSyncit was. gSyncit had more options, features, etc. but for now I'm sticking with the Google version until I have a problem that drives me back to gSyncit.