Self Portrait

I participate in a Weekly Photography Challenge group on Tabblo. The idea is each week there is a new challenge to take pictures that will stretch your skills and expand the way you see the world.

This week's challenge was to photograph your hobby, which is of course photography (well, I couldn't really photograph MYSELF playing soccer...)

So I decided to setup a shot where my camera took its own self portrait...



  1. Slick! Looks great! What was the setup like for that shot? Just a couple of mirrors or did you have to go really crazy?

  2. After the shot I realized I should also have taken a shot of the entire setup as well.

    I used two mirrors. One was a floor length mirror (the kind you mount on the back of a door) and the other was a wall mirror. The floor mirror I leaned against the chair the camera was on and put something behind it to prop it up. The second mirror was on an ottoman propped up. This allowed me to move it back and forth to get just the right shot.

    The mirrors confused the auto-focus so I had to switch to manual, and I think there are some optical distortions from the mirrors (dirty or not exactly flat, or both).

    Took a while but I was happy with the results.