Blogger Broken

I use Blogger to manage this blog. As someone who likes to be in control (but gets lazier over time) I use the FTP publishing option to have Blogger upload the appropriate HTML to my hosting provider so my blog uptime is not dependent on Blogger being up, and I can easily capture an HTML backup of my blog.

The one downfall to this approach is that when Blogger's FTP publishing service is down, I can't update my blog (without some non-trivial HTML editing). Unfortunately, the FTP publishing service has been broken/unreliable since before Christmas.

Of course, if you can read this post then it must be fixed. But for now, this post will just sit in my queue waiting to see the light of day.

EDIT: I did finally get it working. I changed from my DNS name to the IP address. Apparently, the change itself may be the key, more than using the IP or DNS. Obviously long term the DNS name is the right answer. This blog post was the best source I've found yet for info.