Today is a day of transitions. I won't get into the politics of it, but from a technology side, the new administration is up and running.

A blog! (rss) President Obama, or at least his administration is already up and blogging on the Whitehouse website.

The details...
  • RSS - The rss feed is summary only, not full text. You will have to click through for details.
  • .Net - The website uses .Net. While the main URLs (correctly) keep the aspx extension out, the RSS feeds all have the .aspx extension. You can also tell by the tag ids: 'ctl09_rptNavigation_ctl02_rptNavigationItems_ctl01_hlSubNav'
  • JQuery - It looks like the Whitehouse site is using the JQuery JavaScript libraries
  • Webtrends - The government is watching you...
We'll see how the blog gets used over time. I will be disappointed if it is simply a channel for the press releases but I don't expect the President to be blogging or twittering constantly either. I think he'll stay plenty busy.