I use FeedBurner to track the subscribers to this blog. Google bought them a while back and are working though the 'digestion' process now. They are now starting to transition FeedBurner accounts to Google account so of course I tried it out. The transition was easy (but slow, took over an hour for the 4 feeds I track) and they suggested that the subscriber stats would take a few days to level out.

I checked my stats today (two days in) and only 1/2 of the subscribers are represented. Looking through the details, it looks like all the various feed readers are represented except for Google Reader! I guess it is comforting to know Google isn't 'cheating' in its integration of services. In fact, they seem to not work well together at all.

I assume this will resolve in the next few days, but I do find it odd that everything else is working except Google Reader.